The Need to Up My Game

My last post was two months ago. Well, it clearly shows that I ain’t had the proper time to update my blog. This semester is much more difficult than the previous one. The modules are tough and I need to be tough too. Last semester, I had time to do extra revision during school time. Unfortunately, this semester, I do not have that same luxury. Assignments itself take up the bulk of my time. I guess this is what uni life is supposed to be like.  I have 5 more weeks of school to go. More assignments are due in the weeks ahead. Soon I would have to choose my subjects for next semester. Exams in another month’s time. So many things are happening at once. Can I survive this? I hope I can..

Have you ever felt terrible after a test that you studied so hard for? Honestly, that feeling is a horrible one. Have you ever prepared for an assignment and seemed a little lost while writing? Like you have no clue of how to continue or are you even in the right direction? Trust me, that sure gives me panic attacks. Constantly doubting my capabilities are not going to help. Thinking about things and people of the past are not going to help.

The only thing that is going to help is believing in myself. Believing in my abilities. I know I can do it. I have to do it. I have to change. No mistakes this time round. I have goals to achieve. AND I WILL I  ACHIEVE THEM.

And for that, I need to UP MY GAME.

I hope this post finds you well. I hope this post helps those struggling out there.Believe in yourself. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs.


Throughout my life, I have changed my idea of what I want to become when I grow up.

Approximately at the age of 6 or even earlier-King (I honestly didn’t know that a female cannot become a King😂😂😂)

Around the age of 7/8-Music Teacher (Distance between me and music is way too long..though I did learn how to play Sitar in secondary school)

Around 10 to 15- Paediatrician (This one lasted a while)

Around 16- Archaeologist(I was reading a book where the protagonist was an archeologist..but I gave up because what is there to dig in my little red dot😁)

16-18- Pharmacist and other allied health professions

19- Allied health professional

20- Currently doing a psychology degree, let’s see where this leads me to

Moral of the story: As you grow up, you learn more about yourself and the world. So just follow your heart, but take your brain along with you😎😎.

I have heard of people who change their careers after finishing their college degree. So speaking along that lines, you don’t need to have it all figured out in your teens/early 20 somethings.

The Road Less Travelled

Unlike many GCE A LEVEL graduates , I took the road less travelled, venturing on a journey very few would undertake.

I could have settled for a course that I had little interest in, just because it was in one of the prestigious universities in Asia.

I would have been unable to cope in that course. Fuelled by my little interest, it could have potentially turn out to be a nightmare for me.

Thankfully, fate had other plans and had let me to where I am now, happy (and sane).

Never worry if things do not work out the way YOU want, destiny would have made different plans for you. If it meant for you, it will be yours, through miracles.

Life hands everyone a different question paper, hence the journey and path to find those answers are varied.

It’s okay if you go on a different path, JUST KEEP GOING! You will reach your destination. It might be a longer and more difficult journey, but you will get there.

Who knows? Going on the path less trodden might make you the person you want to be, allowing you to achieve your full potential. The journey, filled with various perspectives, will eventually shape you into better person.
So fret not if you’re on a different path than the rest, remember you will get to where you want to be; where you will be happy.

Last but not least, don’t forget to embrace life with positivity.

Two roads diverged in the woods and I, I took the road less travelled by, and that has made all the difference. – Robert Frost


Self-love, seems like a simple word right? But contains a lot of deep meanings. Though the underlying idea is the same, various people have different perspectives of it. I believe self-love is an important feature in the empowerment of women. With self-love, women increase their self-confidence and self-esteem, and reach for the stars or even the sky. 

So what is self-love to me? 

Self-love is to love oneself genuinely. Do not overlook your flaws , but accept and embrace them. They make up for who you are.

Self-love is to be proud of one’s identity.             What matters is your opinion of yourself. What you think of yourself is very important, it is these unconscious forces that generate your opinion of your identity. Don’t let other people define you. You define yourself. Be proud of who you are. 

Self-love lets you embrace the challenges that life throws at you. It prepares you for hurdles and obstacles that is meant to slow you down.It increases your will power, confidence and determination.

First accept and love yourself and then you will be able to love others. 

You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserves your love and affection. -Buddha


It wasn’t the results that I had expected. What I saw in front of me shattered my dreams and hopes of the future I had in mind. I bet I had let down a lot of people , like some of the teachers who believed in me. The least to say , I was disappointed. In fact , I was more upset with myself because I did not perform up to My Expectations.  My family was fine with my results , but I wasn’t. They were hopeful that I would get in to a course at the local universities , but I wasn’t. That night , I cried about my “fine” results , the first of many over the next few months. And that’s when I felt extremely LOST. Yes that’s the word. LOST. Clueless , directionless about my next step. Every single time I thought about my mediocre grades , nothing but tears came out. And then university application results came. Rejected and dejected. There comes my next waterfall. I realise that I was at the lowest point in my life. My sister told me , “it means you can’t go any lower right?” . I have to say my sister was the reason why I managed to make it through one of the toughest times. She kept on consoling and motivating me. Quoting her wise words,  ” One day, you will be wondering why you were crying for such a (small) thing. In due course , you will find out the reason for why things happened this way.” And yes , I am waiting for that day , wanting to know the reason for what I was going through.

But isn’t that what life is about?

Learning to face failure AND overcome those adversities. Allowing a stronger person to emerge.

As we grow up , we realise that not everything happens our way. We need to accept that things may not go according to our plan. We must adapt to those changes and use it to be a better person in the future. It is a learning process that truly never ends. And that’s how failure/rejection/defeat works as well.

Accepting defeat is one thing. But learning from the mistakes that led to the defeat is another. It is that learning process that leads us to the road to success. Rome was not built in a day, so is success. 










Never let failure get to your heart and success to your head.


On a side note , today’s date is 13/8/2016 where history was made. Singapore got it’s first Olympic gold medal through Singaporean swimmer Joseph Schooling. And his road to success wasn’t easy as well , but years of training , hard work and determination has finally paid off. It shows that when you do something with your heart and soul in it, anyone can achieve the impossible , anyone can become the greatest version of himself/herself.

No matter what, always be positive.

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