Strong Women

As an Indian (by race) , I wish our culture would teach women how to be strong and bold. Our culture , especially Hinduism , celebrates women and womenhood during festive seasons such as Navratri. In India , huge celebrations are held for goddesses like Mahishasura Mardini , however , it is in this same country where many women are abused, sexually , physically and emotionally. Shouldn’t every girl/ woman be treated like a goddess too? Why isn’t she being given the same respect as man and is belittled like an object that is thrown away after fulfilling it’s purposes? 

Recently I have been finding a lot of bold Indian women on social media, reading up about them has made me realise that Indian ladies too can be strong. And the only way this happens is through women empowerment. 

(I am a little lazy to talk about women empowerment now, saving it for another post.) Meanwhile I shall share with you who are my  favourite Indian ladies who are making a name for themselves.

Sivagami Selvarajan (Malaysia)                                 She’s an ardent saree lover and chooses to express her freedom by wearing sarees.She’s the founder of #keepcalmandsareeon movement.

Vithya (United Kingdom)                                             She’s an amazing hair and make up artist who’s went through so many hurdles to become who she is today.

Lilly Singh aka Superwoman (Canada)                    Who wouldn’t know her? She’s a youtuber and also the founder of Girl Love Movement.

I wish there are more brave females like them and I wish to become one too!😀😁💪💪


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